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Prevention is better than cure

This is the motto we live by at HOLY CAP, the mindset and lifestyle we encourage all pet owners to adopt for our loyal pet companions.

We founded HOLY CAP to inspire and encourage all pet owners to adopt a lifestyle that integrates healthier, natural foods into their pets' meals. We’re on a mission to create the easiest, most accessible and fun way to elevate our pets' meals on a daily basis; using a blend of Eastern and Western holistic remedies of functional mushrooms, superfoods, and proteins provided by Mother Nature.

Our code is simple: we only use human grade, whole ingredients, no fluff, no fillers.

We’re aiming to prove that elevating your pets’ food doesn’t need to be all that difficult. We’ll do the heavy lifting to innovate fun healthy products. All you need to do is to sprinkle and add some HOLY CAP on top of anything you’re feeding your pet!

When your pet starts to glow remember…”it's not magic, its mushrooms”✨🍄


Our journey with HOLY CAP began from a personal mission to improve our pets’ diet. As we delved deeper into pet nutrition, we realized the pet food industry was flooded with highly processed food, filled with additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, and chemicals. Believing that our pets deserved better, we decided to use our passion and skills to create a fun and honest brand. Our mission, to offer health-first products that genuinely support our pets' health.

This exploration led us to the powerful benefits of functional mushrooms, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These amazing fungi can enhance the immune health, boost brain function, and promote longevity in pets, making them the perfect ingredient. Our partners' invaluable contributions have made the journey to bring HOLY CAP to life possible. We are committed to this journey, driven by our belief in enhancing pets' lives through honest, transparent, and high-quality nutrition.


HOLY CAP founders



HOLY CAP's mushroom-powered pet supplements are created in collaboration with veterinary surgeon and homeopath, Dr. Vicky Simon. Dr. Simon specializes in practicing integrated veterinary medicine by combining conventional and holistic approaches. This approach uses conventional medicine, surgery, and diagnostics paired with herbal medicine, homeopathy, natural feeding, and acupuncture.

Dr. Simon is particularly passionate about functional mushrooms and extensively uses them in her own holistic medicine referral practice in Somerset, South West England, to treat a wide range of conditions in cats, dogs, and other animals.