Where HOLY CAP Mushrooms are grown

Have you ever wondered where our mushrooms begin their journey?

Let's explore the fascinating environments where our mushrooms are nurtured and cultivated.




Our journey commences in the tranquil landscapes of Gutian, Fujian, where we cultivate varieties such as the Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake. The calmness of this region offers the perfect conditions for these mushrooms to thrive. The exploration continues further north, into the frosty expanses of North Eastern China, where we grow Cordyceps militaris, Chaga, and Turkey tail mushrooms.






Cultivating medicinal mushrooms is a delicate balance of tradition and innovation, requiring a deep understanding of their natural habitats and needs. The process involves fostering mushrooms in conditions that closely mimic their natural environments, ensuring they reach their full potential in growth and potency of beneficial compounds.





Let’s take a moment to appreciate the Lion's Mane mushroom. Our Lion's Mane farm is nestled in Gutian, Fujian province, an area with a rich heritage in Lion's mane cultivation. The typical subtropical monsoon climate of Gutian provides an environment that is optimally suited for the Lion's Mane growth. With an average annual temperature of 17.3 degrees Celsius and yearly rainfall of 1834mm, it's the perfect balance of conditions for this special mushroom to thrive.





So, next time you pick up HOLY CAP mushrooms, remember the journey these little mushrooms have been on. From the serene landscapes of Gutian to the cold expanses of North Eastern China, each mushroom has its own unique story.

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