Spotlight On: Chamomile


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Chamomile is probably one of the most widely used herbs in the western world, with its flowers most commonly used for tea, and herbal medicine.
Most people know it for its mild sedative and calming effects, as well as its soothing digestive properties, which is what makes it a popular beverage to have after dinner - it’s also completely safe for cats and dogs!



Chamomile can be found in the US, western Asia, in the Mediterranean regions of northern Africa and throughout Europe, growing wild in fields, or cultivated in people’s gardens.

Although commonly consumed for chronic digestive issues, cooled chamomile tea also makes a great eyewash which can be used to relieve eye irritation of any kind.

It is generally thought of as a very safe herb to use in people, cats and dogs, although it is best avoided in patients with an allergy or sensitivity to plants in the Asteraceae or Compositae family.


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Despite its bitter qualities, chamomile is also quite sweet-tasting and can help improve the taste of herbal mixes, whether in dried, tea or tincture form.


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● Mild sedative and calming
● Promotes natural gastrointestinal movement by alleviating flatulence (farting), as well as pain and bloating 
● May help in wound healing and alleviate itchiness, both topically and internally
● Antibacterial and antiviral
● Bitter tonic – bitter herbs improve digestion and appetite by increasing both gastric secretions and saliva production
● Anti-nausea
● Anti-inflammatory - produces similar effects as anti-inflammatory drugs in animals such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (also known as NSAIDs)
● Antioxidant - neutralises free radical produced by oxidation, which can damage cells if left unchecked

    It’s incredible that such a tiny flower can have such a great impact in both humans and animals ranging from relieving digestive disturbances to reducing anxiety, to mild sedative and muscle relaxant! – No wonder so many people like to end the day with a cup of chamomile tea! 

    And with it being such a safe herb to use, it makes for a great addition to your pet’s diet just to ensure that your pet’s tummy and mind are at ease. 

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