Benefits of Including Phytoplankton in Your Dog or Cat's Diet




Marine phytoplankton has been gaining popularity as a plant-based alternative to fish oil for pets, for their high dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which play an important role in supporting the immune system and help in a number of areas such as aid cognitive function, reduce inflammation, and support overall health in joint, heart and skin. 

Although too small to see with the naked eye, these tiny algae play a BIG role in our ocean and freshwater ecosystems, and have a wide range of health benefits to both humans and pets.



More people are turning to phytoplankton as a source of omega-3s, but they are also thought to be more nutrient dense, and easily processed by a compromised digestive system, making it an ideal supplement for dogs with any kind of digestive disturbance or recovering from disease.



● Eliminating toxins (great for detoxing

● Reducing hyperactivity and anxiety

● Preventing cell damage - phytoplankton are great anti-oxidants and mop up free radicals in the body, which, if left unchecked, can build up and damage cells, leading to premature aging and chronic disease.

● Supporting overall immune system, cardiovascular health

● Regenerating cells and improving the skin as a barrier, making it more resistant to allergens or damage from itching (perfect against canine atopic skin disease.

● Decreasing stiffness and inflammation - aid mobility, making it effective against joint disease, such as arthritis.


Once again, we think we can safely say that all these amazing beneficial effects of phytoplankton make it worthy of the name superfood.

You can find phytoplankton in our Skin & Coat supplement, which can be easily incorporated into your pet’s diet for all the immune boosting properties listed above!

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