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christmas bundle


It’s our favorite time of the year to spread that holiday cheer, but just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean we need to forget all of our healthy habits!

Here at HOLY CAP we support so much more than just a good diet, and have recommended a few gifts for pet owners and their pets this holiday season.

 forever dog



The Forever Dog book is the holy grail for 2.0 dog owners who wish to provide a long, happy life for their canine companions.
Written by veterinarian, Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, and 2.0 dog owner and nutrition specialist, Rodney Habib, you’ll find the latest science on nutrition and lifestyle to help delay the onset of aging, prevent chronic illnesses through proper diet and nutrition, amongst other interesting facts!
We also love to see healthcare professionals in the pet industry recognize mushrooms as a way to optimize pets’ health, and thoroughly enjoyed their mushroom broth recipe, which we have included further down in this guide.

You can order a copy of The Forever Dog book online or learn more via their website here.

sumi with guu


The GUU snuffle mushroom toy from
Lambwolf is a great engaging, enrichment activity for that playful pup or kitten.
This button mushroom toy has little slit pockets which are great for hiding treats, and keeping your pet busy!

You can find this GUU toy in our HOLY CAP Xmas Bundle which comes with your choice of HOLY CAP supplement, and a bag of our limited edition Shroom Bites - our dehydrated, guilt-free beef jerky infused with our Immunity supplement.

Check out what’s in our supplements here!

dog puzzle game


Nina Ottoson creates puzzles and interactive feeders for both cats and dogs as a way to exercise their mind and body! Not only is it a great way to prevent your pet from inhaling their meal, but it also reduces boredom and provides mental stimulation - making for a great indoor activity!

Find out which puzzle game suits your dog or cat here!

tracker dog



The Tractive GPS tracker for dogs and cats, is not just for your peace of mind when your pets are out exploring, but also doubles as an activity monitor, tracking your pet’s sleeping habits, number of active minutes and number of calories burned per day.
The data collected gives you an overall Wellness Score so you can see how your pet is doing compared to previous days, and you can also join the Leaderboard to see how your pet’s activity compares to those in your neighborhood and across the globe!

Although Tractive doesn’t ship directly to Hong Kong for the time being, you can order through Amazon!

 mushroom broth



No Christmas meal is complete without a little broth or gravy, so here’s a healthy and tasty recipe to help boost your pet’s meal with our favorite immune-boosting mushrooms, courtesy of The Forever Dog book.



Take a look at our list of ingredients to learn more about the different properties each mushroom provides, to tailor make your very own mushroom broth!


-Add 1 cup fresh (or 1/2 cup dried) chopped mushrooms to 12 cups pure water or bone broth

-Grate 1/2 teaspoon fresh ginger or turmeric root

-Simmer for 20 minutes, and let cool

-Puree mixture until smooth and serve as a gravy over your pet's meal

-To store, pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and pop out one portion* to thaw and mix into your pet's meal or serve as is in the summer for an ice cold treat

*The recommended serving is one ounce for every 10lbs of body weight.

Remember, mushrooms that are toxic to humans are also toxic to our pets, so only use known edible or functional mushrooms.


Try sprinkling one of our supplements over your pet’s meals before serving. It takes five seconds, without skimping on all the good stuff!
Bon appetit!


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