Meet our Holistic Vet, Dr Vicky Simon.

Dr. Vicky Simon Holistic Vet

So you might be wondering, what makes HOLY CAP so great? Who decides what ingredients we use, and in what ratios? Has it been vetted? (Pun Intended).Well, the answer is “yes” - it has been vetted - by a vet!In fact, all of HOLY CAP’s range was formulated by our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Vicky Simon.

Not only did she receive her training as a conventional veterinarian at the Royal Veterinary College, but she went on to study herbal medicine, acupuncture and veterinary homeopathy!

Growing up in Somerset, UK - a well-known hub for holistic-minds and therapies (and being a lover of the great outdoors) the idea that you could use natural ingredients from your environment to treat patients in a safe and holistic way piqued the young vet’s interest.

Upon graduating from Royal Veterinary College, Dr. Simon worked at two veterinary practices that integrated holistic and conventional medicine, which further exposed her to the uses of herbal medicine alongside the more conventional practises of surgery and diagnostics amongst veterinarians.

Dr. Simon officially became a qualified Veterinary Homeopath in 2019, and has since set up her own clinic, where she now practises holistic medicine, and shares her knowledge of all things natural and homeopathic with the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

HOLY CAP’s range of mushroom-based supplements has been specially formulated in collaboration with Dr. Simon to tackle three major pain points for pets; Immunity, Digestion, Skin & Coat.


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