Spotlight On: Marshmallow root – Althea officinalis

Marshmallow is one of the more commonly used herbs by Dr. Simon as it is a safe and gentle herb that can be used for a wide variety of common ailments.

It has a high mucilage content, meaning that the herb forms a viscous, almost slime-like consistency, making it a great protective coating and soothing agent for mucous membranes like the gastrointestinal, respiratory and genitourinary tracts.


The plant itself is native to Europe and Asia, and mostly found on moist, sandy soils such as river banks and salt marshes.

marshmallow root plant


The fleshy part of the root is usually dried and powdered, and can taste sweet yet bitter. Cold infusions are made with pieces of the dried root, and generally heating is avoided as this can destroy the mucilage, which is the very thing we’re after!


Marshmallow root 


● Soothing acute and chronic coughs  (i.e. Kennel Cough)

● Relieving minor pain and inflammation, by acting as a demulcent

● Aids in wound healing, and can be used topically as a poultice for burns, tumours and other inflamed areas. 

● Effective against cystitis for its cooling effects, as well as diuretic properties, increase urine production 

● Calming digestive complaints (vomiting, diarrhoea and constipation) and restoring good bacteria in the colon (prebiotic) 

● Nutritive – nourish the tissues of the body

From Dr. Simon’s personal experience, it’s also great for treating splinters!
Simply apply a thick paste of the powder over the splinter, and it can help draw fluid from the surrounding tissues, opening the hole, and allowing for easier removal of the splinter.  

Overall its broad range of effects make it an amazing ‘First Aid’ herb, and its safety allows its long term use for chronic issues in pets.

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